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New Garage Door Cost

How much does a residential garage door cost?


Garage door 4 Less offers many installed garage doors for less than $700.00. nonetheless be aware that several elements control the price of the garage door. The size of the door is not always a factor as much as reinforcements that may be added for strength and superiority.




An insulated door is defiantly an investment; it helps save energy. Garage Door prices vary based on the level of polyurethane or polystyrene insulation value. This can also depend on the effectiveness of the weather-stripping system. The best quality weather-stripping from Garage door 4 Less typically costs around $60, a valuable investment that is sure pay off in the winter.




Garage Door 4 Less offers customary colors and Premium colors. the premium colors typically cost about $65 to $145 for a 9’x7’ door.




Depending on the number of spring cycles (garage door openings & closings), the number of reinforcement struts on the door, and the system structure. (available headroom) influence the cost of purchasing a Garage door. Often, an investment of under $100.00 will get you the best system available.




Steel Garage doors offer the broadest range of colors, insulation, and price options. Steel with a woodgrain finish is the most commonly used material in the construction of a Garage door.  Compared to aluminum, steel is about 10% less expensive. Nonetheless, if you buy a smooth steel door, made up of thicker and heavier sheet metal, count on paying about 50% more than a regular steel door with a woodgrain finish.





Adding Garage door windows to your door not only brightens your garage door but itheightens the look of the Garage door. However, depending on the quantity of windows and their insulation value and how they are manufactured., it may increase the purchase price from 25% to 50%.




Keep in mind If you choose a model with PVC overlays, that regularly doubles the price of the Garage door.


The good news is that you get a solid return on your investment when you install a new garage door. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, a New garage door returns 75.7% of its cost when you sell your home.