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Garage Door Panel Replacement 


We at Garage Door 4 Less recommend you do an annual garage door tune-up, in hopes of maintaining optimal performance of your garage door. It is a small fee for preventive maintenance that helps in avoiding any costly repairs.

Garage door panel damage

You may see the damage on your garage door panel from the outside or from the inside. On average, when a garage door panel gets damaged, you can replace it if the garage door panel is still being manufactured. However, if your garage door is older than twenty-five years, chances are it is not, and it is time to get a new garage door.

You may see the garage door panel damage when the garage door is closed, from above when the garage door is open, or from the inside of your garage. A familiar problem with garage doors is on the exterior. The garage door panels if damaged, your garage door might not work appropriately or may not work at all. The garage door panels may buckle together due to damage caused by a garage door opener not working properly. At times, the garage door opener gets stuck and pulls the panel too far up, and then the panel gets damaged. Also, if a garage door spring is broken or not adjusted correctly because of everyday wear and tear, that may cause damage to your garage door panels. We at Garage Door 4 Less have seen it all.

We have seen the homeowner accidentally crash the car into the garage door. Sometimes we can fix a broken panel, if it is a small dent. However, most of the time, a replacement garage door panel is recommended because the original panel is not fixable. And at times a panel for replacement is no longer being manufactured, that a new garage door may be in order. The cold can also cause issues with your garage door panel.

When it gets too cold outside, at times the bottom of the garage door will freeze the garage door shut. And when you try opening the garage door, unaware that the bottom garage door panel is stuck to the pavement. The garage opener will pull the panel out of place, causing damage to the garage door panels. Sometimes it pulls the opener bracket out of place, causing damage to the inside of the garage door panel. However, at times it is an easy fix by just replacing the opener bracket, but occasionally it will cause enough damage that a new garage door panel is in order.

Other incidents that we have seen that may damage your garage door panel is a faulty or damaged garage door spring. If the garage door springs are damaged or out of date, they will put pressure on your garage door opener, and that may also damage your garage door opener, causing damage to the garage door panel. The garage door is usually very heavy, the garage door springs are what make it easy for the garage door to be pulled up by the garage door opener, or manually despite the weight.

Garage Door 4 Less providing garage door service in the Twin Cites, specializing in garage door and garage door opener repair and installation. If you are looking for garage door panel replacement, we do it right. If you have a garage door panel that is damaged, we have you covered. Give us a call, or book your Service online now. We can help with the proper fix for your garage door panel repair or replacement. 

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